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List Of 49 Illegally Operating TV Stations NCA Ghana Has Shut Down

49 Illegally Operating TV Stations NCA Ghana Has Shut Down
49 Illegally Operating TV Stations NCA Ghana Has Shut Down

The National Communications Authority (NCA) has embarked on an exercise to shut down 49 Television (TV) stations for operating without Authorisations.

This forms part of a continuous monitoring exercise conducted on various Satellite Free-to-Air Television platforms using the Broadcast Monitoring System (BMS) and the Radio Spectrum Monitoring System (RSMS).

The monitoring revealed that some channels were operating without valid Authorisations, contrary to Section 2(4) of the Electronic Communications Act 775 of 2008. Which states that;

‘Except as provided by this Act or any other law not in consistent with this Act, a person shall not operate a broadcasting system or provide a broadcasting service without a frequency authorisation by the Authority’.


As a result, forty-nine (49) channels have been identified to be operating without valid Authorisations from the Authority and is being shut down accordingly.


Below is the list of TV Stations who have been identified to be in violations and are due to be shut down:


Table 1-List of Satellite Television Channels Found to be in Default.


1  Dove TV  Sophia Ocansey Dba Dove Television
 2  NTV  North Television Ltd
 3  Thunder TV (Agradaa)  Thunder TV Ltd
 4 Power TV   Prime Power Multimedia Ltd
 5  Maranatha TV  Afodai Multimedia
 6  MTA  Al Shirkatul Islamyyah Ltd
 7  Chief TV  Chief Television Network
8  Kiss TV (satellite)  TV2 Networks
9  Sagani TV  Mr Alhaji Razak Idrissu D.B.A
10  Ogyaba TV  Emmanuel Boakye
11  Nazareth TV  Victhun Hogcoan Multimedia
12  CACI TV  CACI Television Limited
13  Ahotosour TV  Prince Ohene Zodek Dba Ahotosour TV
14  BOC TV  BOC Multimedia Broadcasting Ltd
15  OK TV  OK TV Limited
16  Cash TV (satellite)  TV2 Networks
17  Lion TV  TV2 Network Limited
18  Akwasi Awuah TV  Akwasi Awuah TV
19  Eno TV  Mefri Ghana Limited
20  Apple TV  Apple Inpak Media Company Limited
21  SBN TV  Shalom Broadcasting Network Limited
22  Agya Kofabae TV  Agya Kofabae Television Limited
23  Next TV  Next TV Ghana Limited
24  Face TV (Aflao TV)  The Business Plus Ghana Co. Limited
25  Paradise TV  Vimens Multimedia Co Ltd
26 SBN International  SBN International
27  Adzipa TV  Beam Impact Multimedia
28  Ice1 TV  Thunder Television Limited
29  Ezra TV  Ezra Communications Limited
30  Truth TV  Heritage Christian College Media Center
31  Royal Star TV  Felicia Larbi Dba Royal Star Movie Production
32  Virgin TV  Guankobeakro Prayer Ministry
33  Days TV  Damfo Adu Construction Limited
34  Serwaa TV  Serwaa Memorial Television Services Ltd
35  Iron TV  Iron Television Limited
36  JA1 TV  JA1 TV Limited
37  Abapa TV  Goaso Television Services Limited
38  Asempa TV  Zakari Salifu Dba Zakari Enterprise
39  BTV  Bempah TV Limited
40  Kwaku Bonsam TV  Kofi O Kofi
41  Asomdwie TV  Asomdwie Television
42  TV Magic  Gyamfi's Akasanoma One Media Limited
43  Channel 45  365 Frontier Management Limited
44  Perfect TV  Bejoma Pharmacy
45  Anima TV  KK Travel Consult Limited
46  Obour TV Now Elijah TV Plus  Obuor Multimedia
47  TV Universe  Mr. Evans Kumi Wadewor Dba Innovative Technics Of Creativity Productions
48  Apinto TV / Time TV  Apinto Media Limited
49  Obour TV Plus  House Of Power Multimedia


The exercise is being done in conjunction with the Ghana Police Service and National Security Intelligence Operatives.

The NCA will continue monitoring to ensure that the use of spectrum is done in an efficient manner. We also take the opportunity to caution all Licence and Authorisation holders to ensure that their Licences and Authorisations are always up-to-date and in compliance with the stated terms and conditions.

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 Credit: NCA Ghana