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NCA Shuts Down An Illegal FM Radio Station In Accra

NCA Shuts Down An Illegal FM Radio Station In Accra
NCA Shuts Down An Illegal FM Radio Station In Accra

The National Communications Authority (NCA) has shut down an illegal FM station operating in Greater Accra.

The station was discovered on air when A 4-member investigative team deployed by NCA, including a rep each from Joy 99.7 FM and Asaase Radio 99.5 were conducting preliminary investigations into the reported interference, an official complaint filed by Multimedia Group, operators of Joy FM, on June 15th accusing ABC Radio Limited, managers of Asaase Radio, 99.5 MHz, of causing disruptions on their 99.7 MHz frequency which findings showed Accra-based Asaase Radio has not caused any interference on Joy FM’s frequency. Read more here


The illegal station was broadcasting on 99.9 MHz, an unauthorized frequency located at Pokuase in the Ga West Municipal of Greater Accra.

Section 3(1) of the Electronics Communications Act (2008), Act 775, states that “except as otherwise provided under this Act a person shall not operate a public electronic communications service or network or provide a voice telephony service without an authorisation granted by the Authority.” The Electronic Communications Regulation, 2011, (LI 1991) further provides that “a person who seeks to provide of a broadcasting service shall make an application for a frequency authorisation to the Authority”.


The NCA reiterates that, it is illegal to provide electronic communications services without a licence or authorisation where it is required for the service.