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Guidelines For Application For Community FM Radio Station License

Guidelines For Application For Community FM Radio Station License
Guidelines For Application For Community FM Radio Station License

In this article MyTuneIn brings to you guidelines provided by the National Communications Authority NCA for application for community FM radio station license.



1. Applicant must be an entity registered as a not-for-profit organization limited by guarantee and must attach photocopies of the following documents:

⦁ Certificate of Incorporation (in Ghana).

⦁ Certificate to Commence Business (in Ghana).

⦁ Company’s Regulations inclusive of the shareholding structure and.


2. Applicant must complete and submit the NCA Form AP03 and attach three (3) passport size photographs of its authorised representative.


3. Applicant must pay the non-refundable requisite application fee by Banker’s Draft to the National Communications Authority (NCA) [see schedule of fees].


4. Applicant must submit a feasibility report of the proposed community radio station which should include the following:

I. Objectives and Purpose of the Station.


II. Description of the community (i.e. Location, geographical boundaries, estimated population, etc)


ii. Engineering design of the station.

             - Transmission Power.

             - Antenna Power.

             - Studio equipment.

Community radio stations should be designed to cover an area of 5km radius unless the said community exceeds that area in which case a justification for expanded coverage area should be provided in the feasibility report. The requirement is for the signal strength not to exceed +54dBµV/m at the periphery of the coverage area.


iii. Management structure of the station indicating how the station will be governed.


iv. Financial Plan

             - Estimated cost of the capital investment to set-up the station.

             - Estimated cost of the operational running of the station for the first three (3) years.

             - Funding strategy; how the station would be funded in the first three (3) years.


v. Programming Plan

             - nature and types of programmes

             - sources of programming


vi. Community Support for the FM Radio station

A list of signatories of prominent personalities in the community stating their support for the application for an FM radio broadcasting station in their community.


vii. Any other information that is relevant to demonstrate the viability of the project.


5. Applicant is to submit a signed letter of commitment stipulating that they will abide by all existing ITU Regulations and communication laws of the country as well as other rules and regulations that may be issued from time to time.


6. Applicant must submit all the above, together with an application cover letter and address the application to the Director General, NCA.


The National Communications Authority will normally acknowledge receipt of the application within five (5) business days and evaluate the application thereafter. The outcome of the evaluation will be communicated to the applicant when all the stages of the evaluation are completed.


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Credit: National Communications Authority (NCA).