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You are welcome to the radio addition know-how page of MyTUNEiN.CoM. Here, you will learn how to use the add radio form to submit ADD RADIO request. This note will guide you to know how to fill the forms step by step. We urge you not to skip this note to avoid a request rejection.

Note that, it can take from few hours to fourteen days to get your submission reviewed by our Radio Submission Review Team depending on the queue (And up to 30 days only when there's an ongoing in-depth platform upgrade). Do not submit the same request more than once.

MyTUNEiN online radio directory, one of the top online radio directories in the world, welcomes you to its radio submission guidelines page where you will learn how you can make a request for your radio station to be added or updated at no charge.

MyTUNEiN radio directory gives Broadcasters the opportunity to reach a world of radio listeners and lovers, grow their audience, and amplify their impact in their communities. We have thousands of radio lovers and listeners around the world who use our platform daily to listen to their favorite shows, deejays, presenters and radio stations, and will love to listen to your radio station too.



1. Applicant Name: Input here the name of the representative of the radio station or the person submitting the request.

2. Applicant Email: Input here the email address of the representative of the radio station or the person submitting the request. Note: A submission without a valid email address will be rejected. We will only write to you when your request is granted or rejected, and also when there is an error in your submission. WE DO NOT sell or spam your email with promotions and newsletters.

3. Name Of Radio: Input the name of your radio station.

4. Stream URL (https Link Only): Input the stream URL of your radio station (We accept only https stream links).

5. Stream Type: Select the type of your stream from a list of types of stream.

6. Studio Phone Number: Input a studio contact phone number that listeners can call your radio station through.

7. City/Town: Input the city or town your radio station is located.

8. Country: Input the country your radio station is located.

9. Continent: Input the continent (Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania or South America) your radio station is located.

10. Website (https Link Only): Input the official website URL your radio station is located online at. Begin with Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). Note that We accept only https website address. Contact your website host to upgrade your website from http to https if already not upgraded to.

11. Logo Of Radio: Attach the official logo of your station in .jpg format. Accepted dimensions are; 512px by 512px or 1024px by 1024px or 2048px by 2048px. The logo must at least contain the name of your station. Please note that, 1. A submission without an official logo will be rejected. 2. A submission with a logo without the name of the station on it will be rejected. 3. Submitting a logo with a different dimension other than that of the specifications above, you give us right to modify it to meet our requirements.

12. Station Description: Here, input the description of your radio station. Description should be of at least 100 or more words. To avoid rejection of your station do not leave it blank.


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