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How To Add Radio Station To TuneIn 2021


We bring to you steps to follow to add your radio to one of the top radio directories in the world, Tunein.

Tunein presented broadcasters with "TuneIn: Where is the add station form? At this time we are not adding new stations to our directory via the online form." since April 2018 as reported earlier by MyTuneIn.


If you have recently tried to add your new station to the TuneIn directory and have either not found the submission form, or have been presented with the above message.


TuneIn has on December 11, 2020 at 8:48pm presented broadcasters with "How do I add my station to TuneIn?". The radio directory further stated the steps to take and a link to follow.

"Please leave your information here and the TuneIn team will review your inquiry and reach out if we have any questions or are able to add your content to the platform."


Please follow the procedures on the page of the link provided in the notice above to get your station added to TuneIn. You can also add your station to MyTuneIn if not already added. Make sure your radio plays 24/7 till it is added to avoid rejection.


TuneIn lists over 120,000 radio stations from 194 countries. Over 60 million people use TuneIn to access radio stations, news, sports, music, shows, and podcasts.


It also offers premium content to customers like live NBA games.