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TuneIn Stops Adding New Stations To Its Directory

Orange 107.9 FM
TuneIn: Where is the add station form? At this time we are not adding new stations to our directory via the online form.
If you have recently tried to add your new station to the TuneIn directory and have either not found the submission form, or have been presented with the above message, it would appear that TuneIn is not allowing new stations to be added to its current radio directory according to the page, broadcasters are being presented with since April 2018.

Alternatively, you can add your radio station to by following the steps at add station page as it is not currently clear if TuneIn will start accepting new radio stations in the short (or long term) future. 

If you are an existing TuneIn broadcaster and have a station listed there (your station starts with an ‘s’ followed by some numbers), then you can update your details here using this form 
We hope TuneIn will start allowing the submission of new stations again soon.