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Asaase Radio 99.5 FM

Listen to Asaase Radio 99.5 FM LiVE from Accra, Ghana, Africa on the best platform for the best radio stations and listeners, MyTUNEiN radio directory, for free.

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Asaase Radio 99.5 FM is a privately owned commercial radio station in Accra, the capital city of Ghana, broadcasting on 99.5 MHz from Cantonments owned by Asaase Broadcasting Company Limited. It began official transmission on 14 June 2020. Asaase Radio serves the people of Accra and beyond with news, sports, business, entertainment, music, health, social and political programs which broadcasted in the English language. Asaase Radio 98.5 FM is a sister station in the Ashanti region broadcasting from Kumasi.

LOCATION: Accra, Ghana, Africa.

PHONE: +233302795599 | WEBSITE



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