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Dofopa 105.1 FM Is The New FM Radio Station In Accra

Dofopa 105.1 FM Accra
Dofopa 105.1 FM Accra

Dofopa FM is the new station in Accra, Ghana. It becomes the latest addition after Asaase Radio 99.5 which is located in Cantonment, Accra.

The station is operating on 105.1 MHz on the frequency modulation band. Dofopa FM is currently testing transmission, started on June 29, 2020. The station will operate under the tagline “Nyame Ne Hene”. Listen LiVE online here


Dofopa FM is located at Pigfarm near Ebony Hotel in Accra, the nation's capital.

Dofopa 105.1 FM Accra logo

Dofopa FM is available online at and on social media platforms;



For advertisement and other enquiries, contact the station's management on (+233) 0302908102 | (+233) 0247802092

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