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Fine 93.1 FM

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Fine 93.1 FM
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Fine FM Stands for Financial Education. Its purpose is mass mobilization through radio broadcasting and communication services. To inform educate and raise awareness, good governance and youth at large on issues of importance to them including but not limited to facilitating their access into financial services and markets, mobilization of savings for personal development and ultimately accelerate the economic growth.

The vision of FINE FM 93.1 is to be the best radio broadcasting and communication service provider that facilitates most the financial inclusion of Rwandans.

We reach all types our market segments (youth, women, adults, ordinary workers, public servants, business operators, SME’s, corporate entities, high net worth individuals, Government officials, NGO’s and civil society, international organizations, etc.

The outreach of FINE FM 93.1 is as follows: • FINE FM 93.1 coverage area: 75% of Rwandans. • FINE FM 93.1 on the Internet: 35% of Rwandans using internet. • FINE FM 93.1 on mobile phones: 100% of Rwandans using mobile phones. • FINE FM 93.1 at social media: Fine FM 93.1 reaches different social media users through Facebook: 93.1 fine FM official, Twitter: fine93.1fm, YouTube: 93.1 Fine FM Official. • Media synergy: FINE FM 93.1 will regularly be in synergy with other Radio stations to facilitate the direct reach to all Rwandans.

Fine FM 93.1 offers a wide range of advertising opportunities at reasonable rates. We also do provide discounts and we negotiate with our clients in term that promote mutual interests.

LOCATION: Kigali, Rwanda, Africa.

PHONE: +250788521659 | WEBSITE