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WBRU 360 10.1 FM USA
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The WBRU 360° Experience in Sound is a non-profit, community-based, and student-run radio program that broadcasts on 101.1 MHz; WBRU 360 101.1 FM from Sunday to Tuesday every week and streams on the WBRU app and the website 24/7.

Our program does not conform to one specific format: it is a combination of mainstream, cutting edge, and old school R&B and Hip-Hop, as well as Afrobeats, Soca, Dancehall, Reggae, Soul, and Gospel. 360° intends to serve both as an educational student workshop, as well as an engaged space that honors and speaks to the music and issues that impact the community.

The program grew out of Black student activism as the 360° Black Experience in Sound. We continue to honor and build on the legacy of the program and musical traditions of the African diaspora, as well as the specific histories and narratives of our southern New England listenership. We are committed to our listeners and community partners and maintaining inclusive programming that is both commercially viable and that also maximizes dialogue and interaction between students and the broader Providence/New England community.

360° aims to be a space of community for Black & Brown artists, music enthusiasts, and creatives. As WBRU as a whole is a multimedia workshop, 360° additionally creates multimedia content with local and national artists such as live sessions and The Index, a project indexing local artists chosen by student taste.

LOCATION: 88 Benevolent St, Providence, Rhode Island, United States, North America.

PHONE: +1 401-272-9555 WEBSITE