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TRT World

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TRT World is a Turkish public broadcaster international news channel which broadcasts in English 24 hours a day, operated by the TRT and based in Taksim Square, Istıklal Avenue, Beyoğlu, Istanbul. It provides worldwide news and current affairs focusing on Turkey, Europe, Africa, and Western and Southern Asia.

At TRT World we're building a global community focused around change. We’re looking beyond the headlines to drive meaningful conversations that empower. We want to connect people across the globe to issues that matter. We explore the reality behind the hashtags and the people behind the statistics. We will seek to unpack the issues behind each story.

By placing the human at the heart of each story we hope to promote a global conscience that provokes moral reactions - revealing a deeper understanding of the diversity of the lives around us.

LOCATION: Istanbul, Turkey, Eurasia.

PHONE: +90 (212) 326 3000 | WEBSITE