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Skyz Metro 100.3 FM

Listen to Skyz Metro 100.3 FM LiVE from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Africa on the best platform for the best radio stations and listeners, MyTUNEiN radio directory, for free.

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Bulawayo's Radio Station: Esabantu! SkyzMetro FM is a commercial radio station for the city of Bulawayo and surrounding areas. Skyz Metro 100.3 FM is a commercial radio station for the city of Bulawayo. Our competitive advantage as Bulawayo’s only radio station is undeniable. As such our business model is not only commercial but communal as well. We are inspired by our location within a community of communities and consequently our desire is to offer fun, interesting family oriented programming that is both educational and informative. The station provides music, culture, news and current affairs to listeners not only in Bulawayo but further at a 60km radius around the city. Our dedicated team of radio professionals and management is dedicated in providing the crème de la crème of radio content. We provide community driven programs and are there to provide radio services of unparalleled quality.

Skyz Metro 100.3 FM connect our advertising clients with their markets in the communities that we reach. We broadcast tailor-made programming that is interactive, exudes creativity, entertains, educates and enriches the lives of our listeners by complementing with products and services as advertised by our clients. Skyz Metro 100.3 FM, Beyond The Sky!!!

LOCATION: Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Africa.

PHONE: +263229262868 | WEBSITE