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SaphyraFM London UK
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SaphyraFM is primarily a non-commercial internet radio station, operating 24/7, playing mostly dance/trance/electronica/techno. The station is hosted on a linux server (puppy linux) and streamed from an icecast2 streaming server. The DJ software is the open-source Mixxx package. The station prides itself on using open-source/GNU software, where possible. The hardware is all reclaimed/recycled technology, low power/SFF boxes, the premises where the servers are, benefit from renewable energy via rooftop solar panels, powering a 3 K/W inverter.

The station was launched in August 2022, so we are in the early stages of building a listener base, it's a steep learning curve. I am passionate about music, particularly streamed radio. In the UK DAB radio was promoted heavily, as the future of broadcast radio. Over time this has proven to be a false perspective. We feel strongly that internet radio, is very much the future. This offers such an exciting opportunity! Ultimately I am a geek, and a people pleaser, and broadcasting is fun. Thats not to say we have a cavalier attitude though. Ultimately it's all about music, and attending to the techy bits to make it the best quality possible. Thank you for listening. DJSaphyra

LOCATION: London, UK, Europe.

PHONE: 01733345518 | WEBSITE


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