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Radio Tele Model FM TV

Watch Radio Tele Model FM TV LiVE from Paup, Haiti, North America on MyTUNEiN Radio and TV directory, for free.

Model Radio has been established since 2006 by Etzer Toussaint. Etzer Toussaint is a well known citizen who has been helping the Rockland community, and other communities, for a very long time. Model Radio exists to ensure that the people in the community have a voice.

They have a place to go when they need someone to talk to, and voice their different opinions about the community and the people, including the youth. When Etzer decided to create this Radio Station, it was built on 3 main principles. Unity,Truth, and Love is what Model Radio stands for.

We advertise for many great companies, we invite special guests to talk about health, sports, community news and more. Music is one of the main things that keep the station Happy and alive! Model radio sponsors community events like the annual Haitian.

LOCATION: Paup, Haiti, North America.

PHONE: 8458218942 | WEBSITE