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Hitradio 724

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Hitradio 724 Victoria Seychelles
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Hitradio 724 plays all the hits from the best decades in music! The lovely 70's and 80's where the best music ever was made. Remember the good old days when you listened to your favorite pirate FM radio stations.

First broadcasting from sea, later from land and in the end from high in the sky and everywhere :-). All tracks were played from vinyl records and you will remember your own vinyl collection and buying new records every week. Still many listeners do have their collection and are still looking for new records.

Hitradio 724 brings back those memories and plays the great tunes 7 days a week in vintage FM radio sound, 24 hours a day Non-Stop.

LOCATION: Victoria, Seychelles, Africa.

PHONE: 013533324 | WEBSITE