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HighLife Radio

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HighLife Radio
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Launched in December 2009, HighLife Radio is a US-based Ghanaian community online radio station dedicated to providing diverse, stimulating, and high-quality programming to the Ghanaian Diaspora. HighLife Radio was created as a medium to bring about a sense of community.

Our radio programs are hosted by diverse people who have been supporting the Ghanaian community. These programs cover music, culture, and information about Ghana. HighLife Radio is available for everyone to listen throughout the week and throughout the globe.

HighLife Radio seeks to Inform, Educate, Inspire, and Entertain through culturally relevant quality programming that reflects the diversity of Ghana.

We strive to share appropriate music, culture, and information on Ghana and the experiences of our listeners in order to facilitate communication, promote inclusiveness and foster healthy communities.

LOCATION: Virginia, USA, North America.

PHONE: +17037226039 | WEBSITE