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GH Libya Radio

Listen to GH Libya Radio LiVE from Tripoli, Libya, Africa on the best platform for the best radio stations and listeners, MyTUNEiN radio directory, for free.

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Gh Libya Radio is here to give more informative and educational programs from around the world. We do more TALK SHOWS with Interviews, Discussions and Entertainment shows as well. As the name implies we are in Libya and for that matter we discuss matters about foreigners in Libya, therefore all foreigners in Libya are invited to participate in our programs. We use both English and Ghanaian Language (Twi) in our programs so listeners and followers should take note of it.

We are on course to do more things to help needy and helpless people especially the refugees or foreigners in Libya and others in the other part of the world. This and many more we have designed to help our listeners and others in the world. So please keep on listening and supporting Gh Libya Radio and you shall never be regretted. Our door is open to everyone to get in touch with us for business or discussion, please you can contact us for advertisements or any other issues through our social media handles.

Phone: +218 944910648 / +218 919985696, WhatsApp: +218 91 9985696 / +218 944910648, Telegram: +218944910648. Facebook: GH LIBYA TV Or David Acheampong, YouTube: GH LIBYA TV, Instagram: DavidAcheampong1/ Gh Libya Radio, Twitter: @David02060345. For donations via bank: Agricultural Development Bank 702030084237701 or Ghana Commercial Bank 7041010042857. Donations via PayPal:

LOCATION: Tripoli, Libya, Africa.

PHONE: +218944910648 | WEBSITE