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Enlace TV

Watch Enlace TV LiVE from Texas, United States, North America on MyTUNEiN Radio and TV directory, for free.

Enlace TV is a Christian channel that broadcasts the message of the cross live 24 hours a day. Enlace TV was born in 1988 in San José, Costa Rica and today its live signal reaches more than 5 thousand cable and satellite companies throughout the American continent.

Enlace TV broadcasts Christian sermons with an edifying message for the people of God. On this channel you can find excerpts of Christian sermons in short and long format. The main objective is to continue the great Commission of bringing the Good News of salvation in Christ Jesus.

LOCATION: 2823 W Irving Blvd, Irving, Texas, United States, North America.

PHONE: (469) 499 – 0820 | WEBSITE