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Buffering ... is a NON-PROFIT online community radio station. Our aim is to bring the sounds of paradise to the global online Seychellois community. Our playlist is 100% Kreol. The only exception to this rule are songs that have been recorded in other languages by Seychellois artists. Our music criteria is simple, we don't play songs that contain profanity, abuse, derogatory or political propaganda. Some of the music that we play are solely for promotional purposes and in no way to infringe the rights of the copyright owners. This also applies to some of the videos and graphics that may be displayed on this page. They remain the property of the author(s), producers or recording houses. Our aim is solely to promote sa GOU KREOL - our culture, music, people and language. For the love of Seychelles.

LOCATION: Victoria, Seychelles, Africa.

PHONE: +447459279119 | WEBSITE


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