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Precise 105.9 FM

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Precise 105.9 FM Kumasi
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Precise 105.9 FM is a registered and licensed radio station media company by the Nation Communications Authority to operate a commercial radio station in the Kumasi Metropolis, located in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region.

The business will operate a commercial radio station by offering credible, entertaining yet business and life transforming content that creates a commercial platform for advertisers. Precise 105.9 FM is founded by DBS Industries and her partners.

The owner is an industrious entrepreneur who sees the need for a more credible and life transforming media house that seeks to create agents of change and in the process create a commercial platform for advertisers who seek for captive target market to promote their brands.

Precise 105.9 FM is Mass Market Radio Station that offers credible, quality and entertaining radio programming that audiences can depend on to make informed decisions about their lives, businesses, relationships, delivered by well groomed, focused and result oriented presenters, so that they can transform their lives and become agents of personal and national transformation.

Using professional and well groomed on air personalities, Precise 105.9 FM will offer a one-stop channel programme in the Kumasi Metropolis and beyond the opportunity, that will give CONCISE, CREDIBLE, CONCRETE, PRECISE but ENTERTAINING. With a live in studio presentation and live streaming on social and TV, the station will reach its target audience with thought provoking information 24/7.

Precise 105.9 FM is dedicated to serve the local community with moral, ethical and outstanding content, which will gain the admiration and support of the local community and businesses.

Our mission is to empower listeners to become change agents in life and in society, by presenting compelling and credible yet entertaining content that creates captive and discerning listeners which presents an attractive media platform for advertisers.

Our vision is to establish a credible media house whose content and programming will help for society and personal transformation that offers commercial benefit to local and national advertisers.

Keywords for our vision are 1. Credibility: Reliable, trustworthy information/personality Society and Personal transformation: to empower listeners with content that will improve their lives and society as a whole. 2. Transformation: Empowered listeners to see improvement in their lives, business etc.

These keywords will be the guiding principles for every programme/content that is put on air on the radio station. Every music, entertainment and talk show should be guided by how captive audiences will be attractive for commercial intent.

LOCATION: Kumasi, Ghana, Africa.

PHONE: +233597532919 | WEBSITE