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Pelangi 91.4 FM

Listen to Pelangi 91.4 FM LiVE from Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei, Asia on the best platform for the best radio stations and listeners, MyTUNEiN radio directory, for free.

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Pelangi FM broadcasts on 91.4 FM for those who are residing in Brunei-Muara and Temburong district. Meanwhile, those who are residing in Tutong and Belait district can also tune in to Pelang iFM on 91.0 FM. This station focuses on bringing information and entertainment in English and Malay, to a target audience consisting of youths and teenagers. Song selections are of various languages and genres locally and internationally. Their first trial broadcasting was held on 23rd February 1995. On 1st January 1996, this station was formerly known as Pelangi Network before changing its name to PelangiFM on 2nd May. PelangiFM also started broadcasting on a 24-hour basis on 2nd May 2007 and came up with different projects such as Rentak914, Charity CD Asia Aid 2005, Beat914, Best914, 60 Secs DJ and DJ Junior.

LOCATION: Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei, Asia.

PHONE: +6738333914 | WEBSITE