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Nokware 97.1 FM

Listen to Nokware 97.1 FM LiVE from Sefwi Bonsu Nkwanta, Ghana, Africa on the best platform for the best radio stations and listeners, MyTUNEiN radio directory, for free.

Nokware 97.1 FM
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Located at Sefwi Bonsu Nkwanta in the Juaboso District, Nokware 97.1 FM is the number one for all political shows, sports, and good music. The name Nokware (meaning truth in Twi) means that the radio stands for nothing but the truth. We pride ourselves as a station that only broadcast authentic content. Our reports and documentaries are always based on real research and authentication and not on hearsay or fabrications.

Our sports program cut across all aspects of sports and our football includes all leagues including EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Eredivisie, Bundesliga etc. You won't be disappointed listening to us as a football fan or someone who likes political shows and social issues. We have other programs that involves the use of experts to share opinions on issues of national interest. During national budget submissions (by the Finance Minister), Nokware FM hosts panel of experts for a pre and post budget discussions to break the budget down to the ordinary person.

We have programs for other tribes living locally within the WNR (Bonsu). We also hold Christian and Islamic programs to cater for the diverse religious needs of our listeners. We embrace diversity and see this as our unique strength as people. Download the Nokware FM App from play store or the Mytunein App and enjoy us 24/7.

LOCATION: Sefwi Bonsu Nkwanta, Ghana, Africa.

PHONE: 0244829231 | WEBSITE