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Ten Key Conditions To Note In Your FM Radio License/Authorisation

10 Key Conditions To Note In Your FM Radio License/Authorisation
10 Key Conditions To Note In Your FM Radio License/Authorisation

Frequencies are national assets held in trust by the NCA and assigned to specific users for a period subject to specific conditions. They are not assigned to users in perpetuity.


It is important that you understand the terms and conditions of your Authorisation so that you comply with them. NCA do not want any Authorisation Holder to claim ignorance of the conditions for operating the service. As a matter of fact, it is unpleasant for NCA to suspend stations and revoke Authorisations; their duty is to enforce the law.


As such, MyTUNEiN bring to you below the Ten Key Conditions to note in your FM Radio License/Authorisation.


The 10 Key Conditions

1. License Fees: Pay Authorisation fees within sixty (60) days from the date of issue of Provisional Authorisation.


2. Final Authorisation: Receive Final Authorisation with associated FREQUENCY and carefully READ the Conditions of Final Authorisation.


3. Two Years Lapse: Set up your FM Station within two (2) years from the date of issue of Final Authorisation. Failure to do so will result in penalties ranging from a fine to revocation.

Refer to Regulation 54(1) of the L.I.1991, 2011 and NCA Schedule of Penalties, 2015.


4. Studio-to-Transmitter Link: Apply for Studio-to-Transmitter Link (STL) if your transmission system will be at a different location from the studio.


5. Inspection Of Facilities: Invite NCA for inspection after completing the set up of your FM Station. Refer to inspection checklist at the end of the 10 key conditions for guidance.

Refer to Regulation 54(2) of L.I. 1991, 2011


6. Test Transmission Authorisation: Wait to receive a Test Transmission Authorisation which shall be issued upon successful inspection. Refer to Regulation 54(4) of L.I. 1991, 2011


7. Annual Regulatory Fees: Settle Annual Regulatory Fees on or before the anniversary date of Final Authorisation; notwithstanding whether or not the Authority has served the company with a renewal notice.


8. Changes Approval: Seek approval from the NCA before making any changes to the Station’s ownership, name, location and technical specifications.


9. Renewal Application Prior To Expiry: Apply for renewal of Authorisation three (3) months prior to its expiry. The Authorisation is for a period of five (5) years and is subject to renewal upon expiry.


10. Avoid sanctions by complying with all directives from the NCA and the conditions of your Authorisation. Sanctions include fines, suspension or revocation.
Refer to NCA Schedule of Penalties, 2015 and Section 13 of Act 775


The 18 FM Radio Inspection Checklist

1. Three (3) stage Cavity Filter installed.

2. Permit from EPA approving Mast/Tower installation.

3. On-Air light installed at entrance of Studio.

4. Valid Fire Certificate and visible installation of fire extinguishers at vantage points.

5. Studio is acoustically treated.

6. The Signal strength at the periphery of station’s coverage shall not exceed 54dB(μV/m).

7. Station’s transmission must be confined within a maximum deviation of ±75kHz.

8. Aviation obstruction light(s) appropriately installed on mast/tower.

9. Directional antenna pointed in the appropriate direction for stations located on the border.

10. Security post or desk with personnel for duration of station’s daily broadcast.

11. List of all installed equipment with data sheet of transmission system.

12. Adequate ventilation in studio and transmitter room.

13. Programs / Visitors logbook.

14. Availability of backup power source.

15. Lightening arrestor installed on mast / tower.

16. Studio door is adequately secured.

17. Mast/Tower(s) appropriately painted and properly earthed.

18. Signage / Signboard/Physical marking of station for identification.


MyTUNEiN Wish You The Best In Your Operations!


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