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Guidelines For Application For Commercial FM Radio Station License

Guidelines For Application For Commercial FM Radio Station License
Guidelines For Application For Commercial FM Radio Station License

In this article, you will find the guidelines provided by the NCA Ghana for application for commercial FM radio station license.


1. Applicant must register a company with an object to provide broadcasting service and provide the following as evidence of registration and incorporation:

⦁ Certificate of Incorporation (in Ghana).

⦁ Certificate to Commence Business (in Ghana).

⦁ Company’s Regulations inclusive of the shareholding structure (NB: The Company should have a minimum of 30% indigenous Ghanaian ownership).

⦁ Relevant Experience/Evidence of Ability to perform including agreements drawn up with any principals.

⦁ Evidence of Tax payment/Tax Clearance Certificate (Not applicable to start-ups).

⦁ SSNIT Contribution of Workers (Not applicable to start-ups).


2. Applicant must complete and submit the NCA Form AP03 and attach three (3) passport size photographs of its authorised representative.


3. Applicant must pay the non-refundable requisite application fee by Banker’s Draft to the National Communications Authority (NCA) or by Bank transfer.


4. Applicant must submit a feasibility report of the venture which should include the following:

I. Project Study

a. Engineering design system, (indicate proposed Transmitter and Studio Location, equipment parameters such as transmitter power, antenna gain, cable type and losses, etc; planned coverage area)

b. Implementation Plan / Timetable from date of Authorisation [Please note that the station must be established within two (2) years from the date of Authorisation]


II. Market Plan

a. Market analysis (Demonstrate an understanding of the market the station would be entering)

b. Marketing plan: (Plan to promote the station and gain market share (audience and business/advertising)


III. Business Plan

a. Organisational Structure (include educational and technical background as well as experience of key personnel such as CEO/General Manager, Engineer/Technical Head, etc)


b. Required Capital Investment: This should include -

i. Estimated cost of equipment

ii. Estimated cost of real estate

iii. Estimated cost of initial content acquisition

iv. Estimated cost of project management and other costs necessary for the establishment of the station


c. Forecasted Financial Statements for the first three (3) years of operation, to include:

i. Income Statement

ii. Balance Sheet

iii. Cash flow Statement

d. Statement on how the company is going to finance its capital investment and its operations during the first ninety (90) days after commencement of service.


IV. Programming Philosophy. Please indicate the nature of programming the station intends to churn out.


V. Any other information that is relevant to demonstrate the viability of the project.


5. Applicant is to submit a signed letter of commitment stipulating that they will abide by all existing ITU Regulations and communication laws of the country as well as other rules and regulations that may be issued.


6. Applicant must submit all the above, together with an application letter and address the application to the Director General, NCA.


The National Communications Authority will acknowledge receipt of application and evaluate the application. The outcome of the evaluation will be communicated to the applicant when the evaluation is completed.


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Credit: National Communications Authority (NCA).