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KT Radio 96.7 FM

Listen to KT Radio 96.7 FM LiVE from Kigali, Rwanda, Africa on the best platform for the best radio stations and listeners, MyTUNEiN radio directory, for free.

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KT Radio is an independent news, information and entertainment radio station founded in July 2012 to run a web-based and FM radio. KT Radio’s editorial line is to primarily inform, educate and entertain its audience with the aim of promoting the image of the local communities nationally as well as internationally. At the same time KT Radio is to serve as a voice of the local communities by broadcasting their needs, problems and their positive initiatives.

KT Radio commenced its Internet based channel in July 2012 and started broadcasting on FM on 1st March, 2014. KT Radio. Our 24 hours programs are the means through which Rwandans entertain themselves and get the daily news and other informative programs. KT Radio’s strength is our highly trained and experienced journalists and technical staff, including our team of reporters placed in each of the 30 districts of Rwanda; all this allows us to offer a good urban-rural mix of national news coverage.

Governing KT Radio’s spirit of news dissemination is a belief in an extremely unbiased, analytical and freedom of expression ethics accompanied by real time news. Our target is to become a media of reference through the professionalism news reporting for Rwandans and all people interested about Rwanda.

KT Radio is a conglomerate part of Kigali Today Limited Company. Kigali Today Limited commenced its operations in September 2011 and has a certificate of registration from Rwanda Development Board (RDB). Kigali Today ltd runs an online news website (, a 24hour online radio ( and also acts as a news agency (KT Press) and provides IT Services. With five antennas of broadcasting; 96.7 FM in Umujyi Wa Kigali, 107.9 FM in Amajyepfo Southern Province, 103.3 FM in Iburengerazuba Western Province, 101.1 FM in Amajyaruguru Northern Province, and 102 FM in Iburasirazuba Eastern Province, gives KT Radio an ability to cover the entire country of Rwanda and neighboring regions.

LOCATION: Kigali, Rwanda, Africa.

PHONE: +250788330100 | WEBSITE