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BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra

Listen to BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra LiVE from London, United Kingdom, Europe powered by MyTUNEiN radio and tv directory.

BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra is a national digital radio station in the United Kingdom, operated by the BBC, and specialising in extended live sports coverage.

It is a sister station to BBC Radio 5 Live and shares facilities, presenters and management, and is a department of the BBC North Group division.

BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra operates as the more sports specialized extension station of 5 Live. The radio broadcasts only in part time, in time of live coverings of sports events. The most popular sports events like football, cricket, rugby, baseball, tennis and Formula 1 are broadcasted live with commentaries.

Important detail, that the live sport coverings are not interrupted by any advertisements, or news bulletins, so the listeners won’t miss any moment from the broadcasted events.

LOCATION: London, United Kingdom, Europe.

PHONE: 03 333 444 544 | WEBSITE